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Dried Fruit
What we do
  • The NDFTA , has over the years earned its reputation as the voice of the Dried Fruits Industry in the UK. It is now well recognised and respected by British and European authorities
  • The Association has continuous contacts with the UK Food Standards Agency, to ensure our members are kept well informed of any impending legislation that might be discussed in Government circles. This also ensures our members are involved and have a say in the decision making process before any legislation becomes Law.
  • Through our membership of FRUCOM, an association based in Brussels with extremely close contacts with the European legislators, our members are also able to be involved in the decision making process in Europe, so important in today‚Äôs climate
  • The NDFTA has an active Technical Sub Committee. The Committee organizes annual surveys on Dried Fruit, enabling our members to benefit from an Industry wide testing on issues like heavy metals, pesticides, and others. These tests are very much more wide ranging and representative of the world crops from the Northern and Southern Hemisphere than any tests our members would individually be able to participate in.
  • Informing our members of all issues affecting their businesses is one of our most important roles. The association regularly updates its data base and keeps its members advised of all changes affecting various legislations governing the Dried Fruit industry.