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Council Members

The Council is comprised of 10 members, elected annually by the members of the Association. The Council meet approximately 4-5 times a year to discuss various matters relating to the Dried Fruits Industry . The current Council members and the companies they represent, are as follows:

Name and Company Name Has been serving on the Council since
Mrs. Fiona Bavester – (Chairperson) - Needwood Foods Ltd 27.06.2002
Mr. Roby Danon – Voicevale Ltd 23.06.2000
Mrs. Cathy Grant – Secretary General 01.02.2008
Mr. Paul James – Whitworths Ltd 05.04.2011
Mr. Bill Henry – Community Foods Ltd 05.06.1991
Mr. Peter Meadows – California Raisins 24.06.2011
Mr. Phil Whitfield – Humdinger Ltd 30.06.1998
Mr. Simon Melik – Besana UK Ltd. 21.07.2006
Mr. Simon Brown - John Morley (Importers) Ltd 16.01.2009
Mr Mark Setterfield - R M Curtis & Co. Ltd 18.06.2010
Mr. Roger Weaire - Chelmer Foods Ltd 24.06.2011