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Dried Fruit
Technical Committee

The Technical committee is comprised of 7 individuals from member companies. The individual members have a wide range of experience within the dried fruit and associated industries. The current Technical committee members and the companies they represent are as follows:

Mrs Fiona Bavester – Needwood Foods Ltd
Mr Richard Lawrey – Community Foods Ltd
Mr David Norwood – Humdinger Foods Ltd
Mr Simon Brown (Chairman) – John Morley (Importers) Ltd
Mr Andrew Shlyshen - Chelmer Foods
Mrs Deidre Mills – Hider Foods Ltd
Caroline Easterbrook – Whitworths Ltd
Rebecca King – George Harker & Co Ltd

The Committee meets approximately 4 times per year. The Technical committee aim to ensure that The NDFTA Council and the wider membership remain fully informed on issues of a scientific/technical nature.

The Technical committee is responsible for the design protocol, implementation and interpretation of results of the Associations surveillance programmes – Pesticide residues, Heavy metals and aflatoxin. The surveillance programme is the core responsibility of the technical committee. The results provide important data in their own right, but also may be used by members as part of a due diligence defence.

The Technical Committee has advised the Council of the NDFTA on a wide variety of issues, over the past years, in order that Council can offer an effective industry response to scientific and regulatory issues. Issues have included:

  • Mycotoxins – issues relating to the legislative limits for Ochratoxin A and Aflatoxin as defined in chemical contaminants in food legislation.
  • Methyl Bromide – Issues relating to the reduction in usage of Methyl Bromide and possible alternatives
  • PAH’s (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and there possible occurrence in a range of dried fruits.
  • Nutrient Profiling – Issues relating to the adoption of the nutrient profiling model by the FSA, and appropriate response to the review process that is being undertaken.
  • Review of draft legislation relating to the importing of ‘high risk’ products of non animal origin.
  • Food labelling regulations, particularly related to the allergen labelling regulations.
  • Obligation on Food Importers in relationship to legislation 1881/2006
  • Legislation relating to pesticides residues and heavy metals.
  • Hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated and non hydrogenated vegetable oil.